Our agency is promoting the sale of Domestic (Household), Commercial (used in Hotels, Catering, Industries, etc. used in commercial establishments), Reticulated, Metal cutting gas and a range of Home appliances and kitchenware from reputed brands like Prestige, Hawkins, Nirlep, ITC etc. We also sell Ashirwad brand Atta, Salt, Duncan Tea, Priya Sunflower oil, Fortune Sunflower Oil.

We also promote safety by way of selling Suraksha Rubber tubes with 5yr warranty.

Domestic and Commercial Gas connections and refills
Domestic i.e., household LPG connections are given to domestic units within our area of marketing. Refills for these connections are also distributed by our delivery team. In addition to these we also undertake servicing of Hotplates, gas leaks, installing geysers and inspecting the gas installations from time to time by our trained stove mechanic.

Booking for domestic cylinders is by first come first serve basis. The waiting list and delivery schedule are maintained by using computers by computer trained counter staff. The customer has multiple options to book his refill. Nowadays he can use his mobile to send a message by SMS to our dedicated SMS phone number to book, a refill. Besides this there is the 12664 booking, web booking, calling our office on 100 telephone lines to book and enquire about the status of the booking. The customer can check the Quantity of LPG delivered by weighing the cylinder delivered on a Saltzer scale, carried by the delivery boy. This procedure if demanded by the customer ensures Quantity and Quality.

Ration card is mandatory for availing a New Domestic LPG connection. The customer is eligible to avail a gas connection from only one oil company. (IOC /HPC/ BPCL)

The cylinders are delivered to the customers doorstep at customer specified time and day of the week.

Commercial cylinders are readily available and are delivered to the customer's doorstep at very competitive rates and timely delivery.



Reticulated LPG : Reticulated system is supplying LPG through pipeline network

Bharat Metal Cutting Gas : Gas to cut metal efficiently and cost effectively

Beyond LPG : Kitchenware and Home appliances

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